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Room Heaters

In the first place, your room heater service must be completed by qualified gas fitter experts.

Gas Room Heater Service

In light of this, we Gas Heater Service Sydney have ultimate gas heating services.

Moreover, we have plenty of experience in helping customers with their gas heating.

Gas Heater Services

Generally speaking, these consist of gas heaters, cooking and hot water needs.

By and large, when it comes to room heater services we are known to be the best in gas heating across Sydney.

Therrfore, Contact Gas Heater Service Sydney Professionals room heater service experts on or complete our online booking request today.

In any event, we recommend all room heaters be  serviced every 2 years .

Energy Efficient Room Heaters

To emphasize, we make sure your gas heater is energy efficient and, correctly installed. In order to provide reliable operation, the serviced room heater must be done correctly so it’s easy on the environment.

Different types of Room Heaters

Given these poisnts, there are two main types of room heater service: flued and unflued.

Flued room heaters are designed to be installed in one location. It also has a safe vent to remove excess gas.

Now for a unflued room heater, these are plug-in room heaters. They are beneficial as they are east to move around when required.

Gas Room Heater Service

Gas Leaks

In contrast, If you suspect a gas leak make a emergency call to our team.

It’s equally important that an experienced has gas fitter expert inspects your gas leaks in your existing gas line.

In fact we can ensure that your premises are absolutely safe and secure against the danger of any inadvertent gas leaks.

The exceptions to this are gas fireplaces and gas log fires that are designed to have yellow flames.

Book your gas safety test online to save $50.

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Gas Appliance Installation
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Why Service Your Gas Heater ?


Every gas appliance needs a service every 2 years, appliances over 10 yrs require a service yearly


Reduce health hazards and fire


Reduce gas leakage and carbon monoxide gases


Protect and enhance the life of your gas heater


Maintain your gas heater to work efficiently, save on your energy bill


Protecting your family and assets from gas leaks


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