Do gas heaters need to be serviced?

Rinnai gas heater smells gas

Do Gas Heaters Need To Be Serviced?

When it comes to gas heaters being serviced they should be checked and inspected every year.
For more info you can check your gas heaters Model / Manufacturers information booklet or manual.
On the manual of all the brands Rinnai, Everdure, Paloma, Rheem, Omega Altise, Dux, Therman, Everhot, Aquamax, Vulcan, Bosh, Hot water and more….
It will also tell you if gas heaters need to be serviced and how often.
Usually you can tell when gas heaters need servicing there a symptoms and signs as we will explain more in detail below.

Everdure how often do they need servicing?

Portable Radiant Gas Heater

Rinnai gas heater how often do they need to be serviced?

Portable Convectional Gas Heater

hot water service

Continuous Flow Gas Hot water heater



Why Should Gas Heaters Be Serviced?

Why gas heaters should be serviced but the first and most important reason is your:
1)safety and your families safety
Especially Portable gas room heaters as they do not have a flue going to atmosphere and if they are not maintained and looked after they can produce carbon monoxide Also many other main reason we can recommend why should gas heaters be serviced is because if they are not maintained properly they can add extra to your gas bill, leak gas, leak fumes and emissions, not perform as efficient as it use to be.

How Often Should Gas Heaters Be Serviced?

Serviced every year in brief its just like your car you need to service it to maintain it and make sure it runs smooth and efficient otherwise you may be calling the tow tuck frequently to pick you up because if gas heaters aren’t serviced regularly they will add extra to your gas bill and they will not perform as efficient as it use to be like when you first had it.

Why does my gas heater smell?

Probably never been checked and opened up sometimes it could be because the filter a clogged at the back have a look at our blog down below explains how to remove the filters and clean them just make sure the filters are clean (If your model does not have filters) Most probably your heater is due for a service thats another reason why it smells.

Who Can Service Gas Heaters?

Only Licensed Gas Fitters, Do not use anyone Unqualified because if they do something wrong and your house catches on fire your insurance company
will not cover you for the damage and it is your responsibility to ask the company or person for his or her license number You can be comfortable with Gas
Heater Service Sydney as we have our license in gas fitting and heating 302192C .
Please note not every Plumber can fix gas heaters So make sure you only deal with gas heater specialist Contact us!

When Should Gas Heaters Be Serviced?

There really isn’t a perfect time to get them serviced because sometimes during the hot season they could just be sitting around in the garage collecting dust or left in the same spot in the room either way when you bring it out for winter and realise your gas heater needs to be serviced because your gas heater isn’t working & then you panic and try to look for a good reliable and honest gas servicing company could get difficult but we at Gas Heater Service Sydney have a great team that only deal with gas day in day out & Usually can come out Same Day Service. So we truly are the experts of the trade
If its a different Gas Appliance or Hot water Heater or another appliance they should be serviced and checked frequently Send a Booking Enquiry Now

How often should Rinnai gas heater be serviced?

Serviced every year but to confirm this you can check with you Manufacturer or check the Manual Booklet that came with your heater when you first purchased it its just like your car you need to service it to maintain it and make sure it runs smooth and efficient otherwise you may be calling the your local tow tuck frequently to help you. Check our Rinnai Gas Heater Models we Service.


How to Service Gas Heaters?

The best way to maintain your gas heaters without attempting to play with gas or electrical components is to clean and wipe down the outside of the heater and filters and grills by keeping them clean and removing the filters and using the vacuum on the filters usually is the best way to maintain your gas heaters however if you do not have filters on your gas heater or do not know where to start we will recommend call the gas heater service experts (02) 8055 3744 Or Fill out our Contact us Form

Who Can Service Rinnai Gas Heaters?

Rinnai gas heaters should only be done by qualified technicians who are experience with these models not all Plumbers and gas fitters know exactly
how to service Rinnai gas heaters so thats why only leave it to the experts and gas heater specialists.

Are portable gas heaters safe?

Yes! they are safe but there are some key elements you should know about your portable gas heaters.
Main thing is that they are not flued (there is no pipe going out to atmosphere to remove all the excess fumes/emissions).
So in this case they are safe but they must be maintained and serviced annually by professionals only, otherwise those emissions and gas fumes can enter into your homes if they are not maintained so make sure it is done by professionals only Not by any gas fitter or plumber.
We truly are the gas heater company you can trust and we are gas heater specialists to the extent that all we do is gas heaters and when we check and service & maintain your gas heaters
We will also include the following: a gas leak detection check and carbon monoxide detection test.

How to Remove the filter light flashing from my Rinnai gas heater?

The best way to remove the filter light is to switch off your gas heater (check the photo attached below) remove the clips and screws of your filter
vacuum your filters and wipe it down with a clean cloth and clean the back of the heater by whipping it down.
Put the filters back on in the same manner it was taken out then turn the heater on if the filter light is still there give us a call there are specail filters
and injectors and burner chambers inside the unit that also may need extra love (02) 8055 3744 Or Fill out the Contact Form


How to disconnect a gas portable heater in a safe manner?

Portable gas heaters most likely can be disconnected in a 2 easy steps by just pushing it into the bayonet point then twisting it to the left.
They key is you must do 2 of them at the same time We have put a video together for you to see how to disconnect your gas portable heater in a safe manner.
If you are having troubles or the hose is stuck in bayonet point or hard to disconnect your gas heater give us a call (02) 8055 3744  We are happy to help.

How often should i changed my gas hose on my gas heater?

Often replaced every 5 years. According to AS 5601 so if you are in need of a gas hose please contact us
We have specials ranging from $99 supplied and installed

What is the longest gas hose on a gas heater?

The longest gas hose allowed in Australia is 3 meters according to AS 5601 so if you are in need of a gas hose please contact us
We have specials ranging from $99 supplied and installed We come to you and install it at your property.

How to connect a gas heater?

Congratulations maybe you have bought a new gas heater? or a 2nd hand one ? Regardless of what you have got the best and safest method is to confirm
the gas hose is pushed in properly.
1)connect the gas point by just pushing it in and line up the latches =
2)twist it to the right then turn on the electricity.
Good Luck If you have any trouble connecting it please call us
how to install gas hose into gas bayonet point

How long can a gas heater last?

They can last up to 20 years as long as they are look after and maintained on a yearly basis for more info check with your manufacturer.

How to fix the gas heater smell?

It can be as easy as just cleaning the filters or getting a Gas heater specialist team to service it keep in mind not all gas heaters have filters at the back of the heater so in this case you must call your Local gas heater service company (02) 8055 3744 or Contact us online

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