Why Does My Gas Heater Smell?
June 2021 (6 mins read)

We Heard it all Gas Heater Smells like gas, kerosene, burning, dust, plastic,  Because it needs Maintenance and a Service, Ask yourself When was the last time you had it professionally serviced or maintained by a professional?

  • Injectors are Blocked up & oxygen sensors
  • Faulty part inside the heater
  • Gas heater smells like kerosene
  • Wrong Gas Type >>>Check Our Conversion page<<<
  • Strong Cleaning Chemical or Painting has damaged the burner chambers
  • Been in storage for too long and it collect dust and it has caused the pipes to block up
  • House Renovations has caused a lot of dust built up
  • Carpet in the house blocked up inside pipe and injectors and oxygen sensors
  • Pet Fur (Cats and Dogs)
  • Why does my gas heater need a service?

Why does my gas heater need a service?

Gas Heaters Should be serviced every year by a Licensed Gas Specialists #302192C you can also check out our hero plumbing page.

  1. Safety First
  2. Health Hazard
  3. Prevent Fire
  4. Warranty Claim
  5. Longer Lifespan
  6. Efficiency
  7. save on your energy bill