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What is Rinnai Error Code 11 or 12?

February 2020

What is Rinnai Error Code 11 or 12? Error Code List Rinnai Error Code 11 or 12? Troubleshoot Error code Rinnai gas heater error code hot water heater error…

Gas Heater FAQ
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Are indoor gas heaters safe?

Yes, indoor portable gas room heaters are safe so long as they are maintained and serviced regularly. The NSW Health recommends that heaters be serviced regularly, checked for carbon monoxide and tested for safety. We quote “NSW Health and Fair Trading are urging people who use gas heaters to warm their homes and workplaces this winter to be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning”.

We charge a flat rate per job and do not charge per hour (or per 15–30-minute increments). Depending on the gas heater model you have, we will give quote you a flat rate fee and that’s all. We provide specials for our service so look out for these!

- $0 call out fee
- $120+gst for the 2nd gas heater serviced in the same premises
- seniors and pensioners discount available
- $99 3m gas hose (supplied and installed)
- $60+gst carbon monoxide alarms (supplied and installed)
- $100 cash back when you trade in your old hot water heater

Call us on 1300 427 000 or make a booking online to arrange for one of our friendly technicians to attend your home or workplace at an agreed time.

- one of our friendly staff will confirm a convenient date and time slot for your booking (mobile services or drop off services available)

- you will then receive a booking confirmation (via a text message and email) to confirm your booking date and time

- on the day of your booking, you will receive a 30 minute courtesy call from your technician prior to their arrival

- once we arrive on site, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and professional gas fitters who will ask to be taken to your gas heater or hot water heater.

- we will initially carry out a safety check inside your home to identify and assess any issues currently impacting your heater / gas points.

- gas heater is then taken outside to the technician’s work van where a full service will be carried out which will include, dismantling of the heater, removing all the built-up dust inside, cleaning of filters, injectors and burner chambers.

- heater is then taken back inside, connected and quality and safety check conducted which includes, checking gas hose expiration, testing of the gas bayonet point, carbon monoxide & gas leak detection.

Generally a portable gas room heater service takes about 30 minutes. However, depending on the size and model some gas portable room heaters can take a bit longer. Make a booking online or call us on 1300 427 000.

Yes, we provide warranty with gas heater servicing

- all our gas heater servicing come with 6 months warranty or till end of year (whichever is greater)
- 12 months warranty on parts used
- we provide lifetime labour warranty on our workmanship
- we aim for 100% customer satisfaction and ensure we return to your home or business if there is any issues with our level of service with a $0 call out fee.

Perhaps your power (electrical) or gas supply is not turned on? Ensure it is both turned on from the main supply. Check your air filters are clean and free from dust built up, you can try to vacuum the back filters (if your model has one). If you have tried three times or more (consecutively) and are still facing the same issue, then your heater may be due for a service! Please call us on 1300 427 000 to book a service call.

If your indoor gas room heater keeps turning off (whether immediately or after a little while), the thermocouple could be dirty, bent, or damaged. The thermocouple and pilot flame work together. It is a safety sensor to ensure the safety of your room heater. Usually, it’s easily visible next to the pilot light. Inspect the thermocouple to determine if it is dirty or damaged in some way. If it is dirty, turn off the gas to allow the thermocouple to cool. Most of the times just a good service and clean by us can get these fixed especially if it’s done by a specialised technician not just any gas fitter because they can potentially make it worse. We have a $0 call out fee so give us a call on 1300 427 000.

Most common reasons for burning smell from gas heaters is usually due to lack of service. A smell coming from the gas heater could be due to accumulation of dust which is burning or could also be kids throwing foreign objects inside heaters or dead rodents. We have seen it all! This is why you’re in good hands when it comes to gas heater servicing with our $0 call out fee also. Call us on 1300 427 000.

Error code 11 indicates no ignition or gas supply to your heater. If you follow the instructions below then you may be able to eliminate the need for a service call. If your gas room heater is flashing on the digital monitor of your heater, the first thing that you should do is check that your gas supply is turned on at the gas meter as mentioned above.

You can check if your gas supply is working by turning your gas stove on and then turning a hot water tap on. A gas supply issue may be present if the flame on the stove drops in pressure. Once you have checked the gas supply and it’s turned on and your heater is still not working and giving you the error code 11, you may need to vacuum the back filters. If issue persists after you have cleaned the heater, then you may need a service by one of our technicians! Enjoy our $0 call out fee and call us on 1300 427 000 for a free quote or visit our gas heater error code page and check out all the helpful information about different error codes.

which is either a flame failure or a low gas flow. It is advised that when you first notice any error code on your gas heater, that you should try to clear this by cleaning the back filters and vacuuming the grills at the front.
Make sure there is no obstruction in the venting system and that gas combustion chamber gets enough fresh air, and the unit vents the gases out correctly. After cleaning and vacuuming the grills, and you’re still having the same issue, give us a call as it may be time for a annual service or inspection. We have a $0 call out fee and you can contact us on 1300 427 000 or check out our error code message information on our error code page.

If you’re getting an error code 13 on your Rinnai gas room heater then most likely it’s a combustion control issue. Most of the time a service and professional clean can fix this issue. The 3 most common reasons for error code 13 displaying on your heater is, insufficient oxygen, insufficient gas, no ignition. In this case you will need a service call by a qualified technician. Give us a call on 1300 427 000.

Error code 18 is a thermal couple error issue and most likely needs an annual service call and professional cleaning. You can try cleaning your filters and grills with a vacuum but if the issue persists after cleaning, then its maybe time for a service call by us. We have a $0 call out fee so give us a call on 1300 427 000.

Error code 62 on the Rinnai portable room heater is generally due to a faulty fan motor, it may be congested with dust which is not allowing the fan motor to spin or turn. A thorough service and a professional clean by us can fix this issue. We have a $0 call out fee so feel free to give us a call on 1300 427 000.

Error codes on your Rinnai portable gas room heater is easy to diagnose if you follow the steps before calling us for a service call. Ensure that the gas and electrical supply is turned on, then vacuum the back filters and grills. If you have cleaned the filters and grills then try to turn it on 3 more times (consecutively), after doing the above if your still getting an error code then it may be time for a service and routine check as heaters should be serviced annually. We offer you a $0 call out fee so give us a call on 1300 427 000 to book in a service call.

When your portable gas room heater is not used for long periods of time, dust can collect on the heat exchanger and injectors. When the gas heater is turned on, the dust burns off and releases an odour. It is normal for dust to burn off when the heater is turned on for the first time in the winter season and not a cause for concern. This smell should disappear in approx. 10-15 minutes. If the problem persists, please call us on 1300 427 000. We have $0 call out fee so give us a call as it may be due for a service.

Generally this means the filter needs to be removed and cleaned. However, the electric part of the unit must be turned OFF and unplugged before the filter is removed for cleaning, The unit should remain that way, until the filter is replaced. You can also use a vacuum to gently vacuum the back grills and filter part. Then plug the unit back in, turn the Master ON/OFF Switch. However, if you’re still facing issues, please call us for a free quote on 1300 427 000. It may be time for an annual service and safety check as blocked filters can cause bad quality air and clogged up with dust internally. 

Yes! We can convert your portable gas room heaters to Natural Gas or Propane (LPG). We have mobile or drop off services available. Our warehouse for our drop off service centre is 9/3 Dursley Road, Yennora , NSW 2161.

Before dropping off, please call to ensure we convert your gas heater make and model. Your gas appliances are manufactured for use with only one gas type and will not work with a different type of gas. Never attempt to connect a gas appliance to the wrong type of gas, as it can be extremely hazardous. Check out our gas heater conversion page for more information.

To de-activate the child lock feature, simply press both arrow buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds and the function will go out. The lock can be de-activated at any time in this way. When the function lock is activated during normal operation all heater controls other than the OFF switch will be locked. Deactivating the lock releases the controls. If the lock is activated whilst the heater is turned OFF, then all heater functions will be locked. If the heater is turned OFF whilst the function lock is activated, it cannot be turned ON again until the lock is deactivated.

If your portable indoor room heater is not staying lit or not turning it maybe due to the gas, or incorrect gas type, incorrect injectors or it may just need an annual service and inspection. Before you call a serviceman, try to clean the grills and filters with a vacuum and ensure the gas and electrical supply is turned on. We have a $0 call out fee call us on 1300 427 000 to book a service call.

If your gas portable room heater is shutting off, most likely needs to be serviced.
Otherwise, you can try to clean the grills and filters, please do not try to attempt to fix it yourself as it must be looked at by a qualified gas fitter who specialises in servicing and repairing gas appliances.

Gas hoses should be changed periodically and every 5 years. We have a $0 call out fee and have a flat rate of $99 for a 1.5m or 3m gas hose (supplied and installed). Call us on 1300 427 000 to get your gas hose supplied and installed by us.

Yes, carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas that may cause a range of symptoms. Including but not limited to headaches, nausea/vomiting, muscle pain, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness and much more. Hence why we recommend getting your gas portable room heaters maintained and checked for carbon monoxide. Call 1300 427 000 to get your gas appliance serviced and checked for any gas leaks & carbon monoxide leaks. We also have carbon monoxide detectors which can be purchased for $60+gst supplied & installed.

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas which is colourless and odorless and is formed by incomplete combustion of fuels mixing. It is very harmful for the body if you are exposed to carbon monoxide. The molecules will displace the oxygen in the body and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Always ensure you get your portable gas room heaters serviced and maintained. We also have carbon monoxide detectors which can be purchased for $60+gst supplied & installed. Call us on 1300 427 000 to book in a service call with one of our friendly technicians.

Yes, gas heaters do need to be serviced annually to ensure optimum operation and safety. This work should only be carried out by a Licenced and Qualified Gas Fitter.
Do not risk it by using anyone, call us for a free quote and a breakdown of what our service includes 1300 427 000.

No, it is illegal to have a gas bayonet or gas fitting in the bedroom, bathroom or even caravan. Toxic gases may cause serious health issues or even leak carbon monoxide and could be fatal.

There are some signs you should watch out for to ensure your gas heater is not leaking gas,

Hissing sound from your gas heater, A rotten egg smell, popping or cracking noise from gas heater. Also, some symptoms you should watch out for are, trouble breathing, dizziness, lethargic, nose bleeds, drowsiness, flu like symptoms, headaches and much more. If you think your gas heater could be leaking gas, please call us immediately on 1300 427 000 for assistance / advice.

No, do not leave your gas heater on overnight or for extended periods of time.
This is one of the biggest factors of how people can be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Please ensure your gas heaters are serviced and maintained. Call us on 1300 427 000 for a free quote.

No, your gas heater will not work on a different gas type. You will need to check what type of gas you have in your home (if any). For Natural Gas, you need to look for a gas meter at the front or the side of your property. For Propane LPG, you need to look out for gas cylinder bottles usually located at the side of a house. There should also be a sticker on the back of your gas heater that will indicate to you which type of gas heater you have. We convert most gas heaters to your desired gas type. Please call us on 1300 427 000 for further information and quote.

Gas bayonet points should be changed every 10 years. They have a spring-loaded valve inside the fitting which could corrode and could cause a gas leak. We have a $0 call out fee, give us a call to get your bayonet point replaced. We also have lifetime labour warranty on our workmanship 1300 427 000.

If your gas heater smells like kerosene, it could be due to the following, aerosols in the air e.g., cleaning products, paint fumes, pest control chemicals, air fresheners or anything that is liquid or spray type. If you experience such smell, then most likely it will need to be serviced give us a call on 1300 427 000.

Its very simple Turn the knob to the star, Hold it down for 20 seconds, press the ignition button, Then turn the knob to number 6. Call Gas Heater Service Sydney 1300 427 000.

Gas supply is shut off, Power is shut off, Ignition not working,

May Need a Service Call/ Diagnostic Call Gas Heater Service Sydney 1300 427 000

This usually occurs because of rusted tank inside and sediment which is a naturally occurring material that is broken down by processes of weathering and erosion, and is subsequently transported by the action water. Call Gas Heater Service Sydney 1300 427 000

Inside has been Rusted hot water heater needs replacing, This is also a health hazard and not good for the skin & water piping system as it can block up the filters on the taps and cause more issues further down the line. Call Gas Heater Service Sydney 1300 427 000

8-12 years, Approximately 10 years

Rheem and Rinnai are the Crème De La Crème when it comes to your hot water heater systems and not only that we always have these in stock as they are an Australian company and easy to source the heaters.

Gas is Generally Cheaper to run than electricity However With the new Gas instantaneous hot water heaters the energy rating is so good that it only consumes gas when only in use as it does not need to heat up a storage water. its just instant!

Your hot water heater may be making a rumbling, crackling or popping noise. This could be one of a few things, including but not limited to debris built up, tank containing sediment, poor water flow, water pressure. Contact us for a free inspection/quote!

There could be a number of reasons for this including but not limited to, the age of the heater as all hot water heaters have a shelf life like any appliance. Another reason could be due to multiple appliances using hot water running simultaneously  If you want to avoid running out of hot water, something to consider would be investing in an instantaneous system. Contact us for a free inspection/quote!

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